Course Progress

We’re in the process of clearing up the course. Our faithful cartographer, Riches, has been patient with me and given me a handful of routes to choose from. We test rode a route last Saturday and it will need some modification. We have an amended course we’re planning to drive tomorrow night.

Our goals are simple. Set out a simple course that can be navigated by even the most adrenaline crazed rider with at least one Casey’s and one watering hole on the way. So far, the most confusing parts have been non-existent roads, street signs scraped blank by our beloved and brutal winds, and the lack of signage entirely. We should have bugs out by this weekend. We may shoot for one more public pre-ride on Saturday, May 8th. Stay tuned.


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One Response to Course Progress

  1. Mike Baggio says:

    Excellent! Finally, a gravel ride that doesn’t require out of state travel. I have put it on the calendar. Thanks for putting this together!

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