Driving the Course

Riches and I drove the bulk of the course last night. It’s going to be a solid ride. We’re sticking close to the original plan to ride up to Esmond, then south to Lee, then back north to DeKalb. The routes takes us through some previously “untapped” roads. The route also takes us right through windmill alley.

The highlight of the night was Locust Rd. Why? Because it was barely there. We call it a ghost road. There was a sign post with two signs on it. One said “Dead End” and the other said “Dirt Road Ahead”. We couldn’t even get a car over the entrance to the road, so we gave it up and found another road south. The best part came later. As the GPS beeped to let us know we were back on the route, we saw a street sign obscured by over growth on our right. It was Locust Rd. On our left was the tail end of the dirt road looking even more foreboding than the entrance. Whether or not we use that road is TBD. We have to go back on bikes and see if it’s possible. Check it out on Google Earth and place your vote: 41°50’37.36″N x  88°58’51.45″W is the northern end. It could very well determine whether or not you ride a 29er for this ride.

We will post a cue sheet soon.


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