Remember not to get dead.

A few notes on keeping your self alive on the ride:

1. Beware of blind rises in the road. Cyclists and drivers alike tend to wander toward the center of gravel roads around here That can get messy if there is a rise or a hill where you can’t see the oncoming vehicle. And it’s easy to stay where you are in the center of the road because who would be out here anyway? That leads me to #2.

2. Beware of “Farm Traffic”. For what the Farm Traffic might lack in speed or abundance, it makes up in width and blades. They own the roads out here, so get out of their way. Get off the road entirely if need be. Wave politely as they go by. They’re just as bewildered by you as you are of them.

3. Ride two abreast on paved roads. After riding a good number of miles on gravel, you’ll empathize with the drivers flying down paved country roads at 70mph. Again, stay tight and get out of their way.


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