We’ve put together an uber-simple checkpoint system to make sure people stay on track and make it back alive. We realize that anyone can “cheat” the course, but since it’s all right angles out here, it all ends up being the same distance. That is, unless the road you’re on ceases to exist… that happens.

We’ll have 5 checkpoints:
Checkpoint #1 – Registration. You’ll sign in, sign a waiver, and get marked.
Checkpoint #2 – 17.1mi – North point – Esmond and Gibson
Checkpoint #3 – 30.8mi – West point – Locust and Gurler
Checkpoint #4 – 43mi – South point – Woodlawn and Rt 30
Checkpoint #5 – 65mi – Finish – North Central Cyclery

By the time you get to NCC at the end, your hand will look like this:

From there, you can head to Fatty’s Pub for the post-ride festivities.
Half Acre Brewing has generously provided some libations and Fatty’s has generously allowed us to bring it in. BUY FOOD AND TIP YOUR WAITRESS.

ok? ok.

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