Last Broadcast

This will be our last post before the ride.

Registration will open at 7:15am. Sign in, sign the waiver, and pick up your cue sheet in the shop. The store will be open for last minute essentials (tubes, food, new cross bike, etc) until 8:50am. There will be a bucket or something of that nature on the registration table for a recommended donation to “the cause”, but the event is free to ride.

We are going to congregate behind the bike shop until 9am and then proceed to ride together through town. Obey traffic laws on the way out. If the group gets chopped up by streetlights, don’t worry. Stop at the red lights. The cue sheet will tell you how to get out to Twombly Rd. We’re going to regroup once we’re on the outskirts and have a proper start out there.

It’s going to be a hot one. Come prepared. Things will get messy if everyone tries to fill up their water bottles at the same time. We suggest 3-4 bottles (at least). We have said since the beginning that this ride is self-supported, but being the merciful folks we are, we will have some water at the West and South Checkpoints.

For emergencies, our official SAG vehicles can be reached by dialing “9”, and then “1”, and then “1” again.

This should go without saying, but be nice. We’ve put together what we hope to be a great event. We want to have every reason to repeat it next year so we could all benefit if everyone stays cool. Be cool to the volunteers, the locals, the farm folks, and even the guy who’s dog just chased you 1/2mi, caused you to scream like a little girl in front of your friends and poop your bibs. Yes, he should have had his dog locked up, but you’re the anomaly in the equation. And it was so funny to hear your scream like that…

If you are a jerk, please stay home.
If you are a jerk and you don’t heed that advice, just know that we’ll have a bullhorn and we know how to use it.

The post-ride locale is Fatty’s Pub. It’s 1.5mi West on Rt 38 from NCC.
They have great sandwiches and soda pop. Half Acre will be served as well. Bring money and pay your own bill. Be nice to the staff, there, too. There will be a tiny raffle and you must be present to win.

See you in the morning.

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2 Responses to Last Broadcast

  1. Thomas Wittman says:

    Coolest race. racers and staff.

  2. Andrew FY says:

    Awesome time on Sunday. I saw some photographers and would love to see some photos! Could people link to them in the comments here?

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