I’m learning a thing or two about production this week.
Making a groundbreaking trailer for a puny midwest bicycle event takes more forethought than one might think.

For one, you need to see it all in your head, get your head on paper, get that paper into reality, and get that reality on film. In this case, we also have to capture the unreal. Tricky.

For two, you need people.
People can be like cats, though, and it’s not easy to get them all in one place.
Not worried though, the 8am curtain call and chance of cold rain is a nice filter; The ones who show will not lack heart.

For three, you need a bunch of stuff and ways to haul stuff.
We’re 97% ready. A few things we still might need include:
Another pickup truck.
A bullhorn.
A pink jersey.
2 more gallons of fake blood.
After some research, we also realize in order to film a bike event trailer, we also need:
A mustache.
A lot more money.
A lot more time.
More pink jerseys.
Ambient emotive music.
Some semblance of elevation change.

But we’ll do what we can.

For four, you need weather. That’s all I have to say about that.

So we’re pretty set for Sunday. If you’re interested in coming, let me know (
If you happen to have a mustache, a pink jersey, gobs of money and a pickup truck, we need you.

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