Oh yeah, there’s a ride, too.

The video is in the can – time to focus on the ride.

I did some recon on a course change this year and it looks like we’re going to do it. We’ll be avoiding the jaunt through Creston by heading a little further west before shooting south. We end up adding a little gravel, but not too much. There are still a few paved sections. We’ll make up for the lack of gravel on those roads with a total lack of maintenance on others. A new leg on Elva road is still impassable by anything but bicycle, pedestrian (hiker, really) or cow. If we don’t dry out before then, we’re in for a messy GM this year.
Also, I forewarn you, some of the new route stinks. We ride right by the Rochelle Overconsumption Excess Storage Facility. Where Mart Bikes go. The Dump. We can hope for a west wind.
Here’s a link to the current route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/361362

The gravel season is well under way, with the Ragnorok last weekend and the mighty Trans-Iowa this weekend. The midwest is rife with gravel events this year. The Gravel Metric should be a great option if you’re just getting started in this twisted genre. It’s comparatively short and comparatively flat. It’s like a dirt crit for gravel grinders, really – a way to spin the legs between the Almanzo and the Dirty Kanza. But it doesn’t have to be easy.

There will be wind. There’s always wind. And it could be hot – last year it was 90°. Or it might rain.
And it will still be on gravel and rutted tractor road, so fret not. There’s room in this cave for everyone.

We’re not doing any pre-registration, but if you want to sign up on Facebook, it will at least help us know what to expect.

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