Brief Brief

Sunday will go something like this:

7am – Registration Opens – Sign in, Pick up Cue Sheets. Buy something.
When you arrive, park behind the store – ample parking available.

9am – Ride Starts – All riders leave NCC together and ride to city limit.
Ride Continues for 60some miles on this route.
When you finish, check in behind NCC and let us know you’ve survived.
Make your way to Fatty’s, enter the raffle, get yourself a good sandwich and some free Daisy Cutter.

2:30pm – Schwag Raffle – courtesy of QBP, Surly, Salsa, Bontrager and Twin Six.

4pm – Keg dries up, people head home to lick wounds, forget pain, embellish glory, etc.


Further Things to Remember:
This is an informal event with no official ride support. We don’t have sag vehicles to scoop you up. We will have some basic supplies at the Checkpoints. Please come prepared with spare tubes and inflation device(s). Water will be available at Checkpoints 2 and 3.

This is Tillage, city boy.

Please be cool to the country denizens – you’re on their turf. Wave to the nice folks. Wave to the mean ones, too.
If you see a Tractor hauling Tillage as wide as the road coming toward you – hop in the ditch.

We’re all out to have a good time this weekend, so be cool to your fellow riders and event volunteers. We have tried to keep this event as simple as possible, so it might lack some amenities you might find at other events. It is a mini-endurance event (or not) so if you arrive and begin, it’s up to you to know thyself and thy abilities. We are not responsible for you, but we do hope you ride safe and have a good time.

If you have a complaint about the event, please send an email to

See you Sunday.



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