On behalf of the whole NCC and HAC crews, we thank all of the riders and volunteers for their amazing efforts on Sunday.
I’m extremely thankful that no one was seriously injured or made dead. While everyone has been throwing around fun adjectives like the “E” word, awesome, Awesome, Biblical, colossal, and incredible, it was also, in all honesty, really really dumb, insane, and idiotic. But you mix all those in a blender and ultimately something like glory comes out the other end.

The whole day was saved by the volunteers, really. We hadn’t planned to have the store open for returning riders. It was Jeff’s merciful decision to come back and set up triage that really kept a lot of bad things from happening. Many of the riders who turned back in the storm went back out in their cars to pick up the cold and stranded. The checkpoint people took up the task of scooping up riders and backtracking the course. We couldn’t have done with without them.

Huge thanks to all of our sponsors and contributors: Bontrager, Salsa, Surly, QBP, Twin Six.
Biggest thanks to our partners Half Acre Cycling and all their wonderful volunteers.

We were also proud to donate the proceeds to Blood:Water Mission today.

Stay tuned for more reports soon.

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3 Responses to Magnificent.

  1. Al Thom says:

    yup, a real hum-dinger of a little bike ride…first time i ever saw lightning hit a wind turbine – up close, and the first time I ever had a stand-off with a frog. He stared me down good, with his elbows out, all tough guy and shit…he won.

    Cheers to all of you that create this crazy shit, and three cheers to all that came to partake…

  2. Kurt Stephens says:

    Awesome Day!

    We had a great time with great people. Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers for keeping it fun and safe. Will ride this again!

    I’ll post more video soon:
    Gives you an idea of what riders saw after the storm hit the dirt sections.

    The yellow/red turn flags along the course were a life-saver; other rides should embrace it, my cyclometer died 2 miles out. 🙂

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