ROUTE RECONsiderations.

We went out on a little spy mission to make sure our route changes were legit last Saturday.
The changes we made have cut out a tiny bit of pavement and added a mile of grass “road” on the far west end of Gurler.
We had a fun crew, which, combined with the creepy good weather and high spirits, made for a perfect Saturday morning.

L to R: Dang Eiten, Officer Nevdal, Bonk King, and Mattias.

Dan started at NCC a few weeks ago and has joined us the last two Saturdays to grind gravel. He found a great spot to put a GM rest stop (Band-aids and Wild Turkey) and marked it as our territory.

We were out to make sure Woodlawn was a solid bridge from the gravel north of 38 to the mud and whatnot south of 38. It will be a better route than last year – we’ll dodge the landfill this way. We also wanted to ride the Gurler “unroad” west to Locust.

Is this our turn?

It will be a nice one mile stretch of grass – at least for the first groups. It might turn to mush after that.
We took Hayes Rd west to Paw Paw to connect with our old friend Elva Rd.

photo from RATG.

And Ol’ Elva did not disappoint.

Sticky Mud

We even came across traces of the mythological Elva Muck Pygmy – tiny human-like creatures who, according to legend, walked on their hands and captured their prey by hiding in mud puddles. Beware.

We rode on down Locust to check the creek. It was at its normal height and flow. The best line is to the right, everyone, so stay right. But not too far right.

The ride home was a breeze (snort).
It was good to get my head around the route changes. Stay tuned for a final route soon.


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