Twenty-six days until the Gravel Metric. Here’s a kung-fu update:

1. The route is final – it’s still gravel, and it’s still mostly flat.

2. We’re going to need you to fill out a waiver. It’s available for download here. To keep the lines short, please print it out, complete it, and bring it with you. This will help us all.

3. The entry fee is still $0. This is the best amount. This leaves you much more cash for buying goodies (posters, t-shirts, bandanas – yes, GM bandanas) and tipping the waitress at the pub.

4. If you haven’t already, please let us know you’re coming on Facebook. Don’t have Facebook? Good work.

5. The Bird Machine has made an edition of fantastic prints for the Gravel Metric.
They are in very, very short supply. These will be available for sale to raise money for AXLETREE. More details soon.


6. The video is almost done. Seriously. You think you’re excited? We’re more excited. Trust. me.

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One Response to MAY DAY MAY DAY

  1. Donn Kellogg says:

    I can envision a pro or two showing up..

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