Cue the Bandannas.

Our Gravel Metric Cue Bandannas were delivered this morning. They’re even better in real life.

Ross models the Mustache.

The Cue Sheet looks great. It might get a little blurry, though, when you’re pedaling your eyeballs out.

Looking goooood.

These are well worth what we’re asking for them. In addition to getting you from start to finish and covering your face in the dusty wind, we’ve compiled these other great uses for the bandannas:
– Compress
– Poultice
Wipe (what have you)
Hobo Sack (b.y.o. stick)
Coffee Filter
Pocket Square
Junk Mitten

We are also offering a free Bandanna to anyone who can tell us a legit story using every word in that list.

See you Sunday.

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