Le Wristbands & Fatty’s After.

Pay attention.
At sign-in, you will be endowed with a green wristband.
At each checkpoint, you must stop and get the wristband punched.
Each checkpoint will have a different hole punch.
This is what the wristband will look like at the end of the ride.

Riders planning on racing the ride will want to plan for the bottlenecks at the checkpoints.

The wristband will also get you your free beer at Fatty’s, so don’t gnaw it off at the finish line.
When you get to Fatty’s , head to the back room or the patio – those are reserved for us.
The wristband will get you one free Daisy Cutter. Everyone is responsible for their own meals, and we beg you to be patient and tip your waitresses well. It’s not often they get hundreds of starving and thirsty, yet svelte and charming customers coming in all at once.
We highly recommend the Cajun Potato Salad (1/2 order will do – full order will hurt).

We’ll be giving out raffle tickets at Fatty’s and we’ll start swagging when the room is full.


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2 Responses to Le Wristbands & Fatty’s After.

  1. Nathan S says:

    How does one “plan for a bottleneck?”
    Instead of a relatively manual and serial process of a single person punching with a cute 3-hole punch, could we do some sort of hand out instead? Maybe some specially painted gravel that has to be returned to the start? Pink gravel hand ups anyone?

    • GM MC says:

      One plans for a bottleneck by sprinting ahead of one’s friends and/or throwin a stick in their spokes just before the checkpoint.

      Next year, we’ll consider the hand-out idea. With watermelon.

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