GM Training rides

One of our obvious goals around here is to get more people riding gravel.

The GM not the longest, hardest, or fanciest endurance event in the Midwest, but we like to think it’s a stepping stone into the endurance world. Locally, we’re working to get more riders to commit to the Gravel Metric as a goal, so we’re going to host a series of training rides this Spring.

These are geared toward “new” gravel riders, so we hope to maintain a comfortable pace for the group as a whole. We recognize that is a nebulous description. We would like everyone to show up and then we’ll determine groups and speeds.

March 30th – 25mi 

April 13th – 40mi 

May 11th – 55mi 

All of these rides will leave from the parking lot behind North Central Cyclery at 8am. Coffee and Pastries will be available afterwards. Come Prepared. Helmets are required.


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2 Responses to GM Training rides

  1. butch welke says:

    soo is andy oleson’s training going to be to not ride at all until then.. soo we can hang on his FAT wheel

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