You would think things would be crazy around here.

And they are.

Here are a couple updates.

The course is going to be serious business this year. All riders who have test ridden the course have done so on nearly perfect days and they unanimously agree that the course is waaaaaaaay tougher this year. So take comfort. We’re taking away the rest stops, the support, the course markers and route preview, AND we’re making it harder.

If it’s a nice day, plan on getting it done 25% slower than you expect. If it rains, consider 50-80% slower. We’re not kidding.  Be Prepared. There is no water on the course.


We’ll have the wonderful support of the DeKalb Police to roll us out of town again. When you see them, express your gratitude.

We’ll be honored again by the presence of the Ben Berden from Raleigh-Clement, along with fellow R-C rider Caroline Mani. That’ll spice it up, no?

We changed venues for the post-ride meetup. The new place is called O’Leary’s and is within crawling distance of NCC. They have an upstairs banquet area that will be reserved for us. They have a decent menu for many diets. Tip your waitress.

Our final GM Training Ride is this Saturday, May 11th. It will be 55mi leaving NCC at 8am.  Come on out.

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3 Responses to You would think things would be crazy around here.

  1. Andy says:

    Hey – I have a friend who was shooting the riders last year, and h’ed love to come out again. He’s terrible with directions once he gets west of Cicero, though, and if it would be possible for him to get an advance cue sheet/gps of the course, I can promise you he’d be out there taking some great shots. Any chance of getting a sneak preview for him? Send me an email and I’d send along his details.

    • GM MC says:

      Thanks for the inquiry.
      The route will not be released until that morning.
      Having the cue sheet and a state map, he’ll be fine.
      If he arrives early enough, he can ask Chad or Chris for the best places to shoot.


      • Andy says:

        Thanks. I will pass it along. He is also our bail out driver in case it is 100 like last year… can’t have him lost in the wilderness of dekalb.

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