Things are getting ttlly srs – MOOTS, POTTIES, ETC.

The Gravel Metric is coming up quick.

Some announcements:

MOOTS, the legendary and wonderful maker of bikes and times, has taken over the lead sponsor role of the Gravel Metric this year. Our beloved Salsa Cycles has shifted their avuncular love and attention to the TEN THOUSAND this summer, and MOOTS wanted to come ride the GM, so we are making our relationship Facebook official as of today.

Mr.Moots_Moots Logo

It’s an honor to partner with them. They’ll be here on Saturday, the 24th, with a truck full of titanium goodness to show off, so come and check it out.

Otherwise, we’re just getting some last details wrapped up. We’re maintaining the same route as last year, with some minor changes in course marking – we’re going from two markings to about seven course markings. Our goal is to get everyone through the grass maze in Shabbona without any keystone cops action.

We know things are getting close, because we just got off the phone with BIG JOHN.


In other news, the GM Training Rides have been a blast. We’ve been seeing 40+ riders at each ride, despite pretty ugly weather conditions. We’re planning snow for this year’s Metric, so it’s good prep. The next ride is Saturday, May 3rd at 8am, departing from NCC. Be there.


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