Gravel Metric 2014 Route Map

Here’s the route.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 10.40.55 AM


If you click on the map, you’ll find the beautiful interactive map Axletree friend Timothy Hodson put together for us. Be sure to bookmark the page if you’re not planning to use a GPS – it could be useful in a pinch. You can access it on your phone and see where you are on the course (given that you allow it to know your location).

The full course info is available on RidewithGPS here. You can download your own cue sheet if you’d like. The GPX file is available on the RidewithGPS page under the “Export” tab. We’ll have paper cue sheets at the start (printed in illegibly tiny text) and stylish Gravel Metric Cue Bandanas for sale.


Please read this important note on the FINISH LINE:

In years prior, the end of the event has been ambiguous. The cues end at the start, putting the finish line on a residential street in town. It’s beyond tempting to blast through stoplights, stop signs, and traffic in order to be the first one back, or beat your friends, or simply get the ride over with, so we’re establishing a finish line at the city limits. There are two yellow signs and then a blue highway sign before the train tracks coming into town on Rt 23. The BLUE sign is the finish line. We’ll have someone there to validate the first riders to cross the line and reminding everyone to cool their jets on the way into town.

This is what it will look like. This is the glorious end.

Mind the tracks! As soon as you pass the blue sign, you’ll cross the tracks, so be ready.
After that, sit up, cool down, and ride kindly back to the start line where food, drink, and rest await you.

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