Last blasts – Crucial info, Elvis muffins, and beer tickets.


Be sure to arrive as early as possible. Park in the right place.

GM PARKING 2014Sign a waiver, grab a cue sheet, buy some rad goods. Gravel Metric goods and Axletree goods will be for sale outside (first come, first served)(please bring cash) and NCC will be open for business starting at 7am.

Please watch for traffic as you register and get ready. We’ll be exiting the south end of the Staging lot at 9am. We’ll have a police escort out of town. (Thank you, City of DeKalb).

Please check out the route. Come prepared. Have a ton of fun.

You’ll want to mind the out-and-back on Woodlawn (go south from Houghtby, even if you see riders going north) and hit the Bonebell Checkpoint to get your wristband punched. All riders with a punched wristband get a beer ticket at the after-party.

Axletree and Robots ❤ will be hosting a BAKE SALE (BOOYAH) at the infamous creek crossing. Bring a few bucks! Our very own Beth Oftenbaker will be preparing her incredible ELVIS Bars (Bacon, Chocolate, Banana, Amazing) (GF) (Vegan version available) and Cran-Orange bars. $1ea. Seriously, they’re incredible.

BAKE SALEFinish the course, sprint for the blue sign on Rt 23 (even if you’re alone), cool down on the way into town, and arrive safely at the starting line.

After you’ve put your bike down and used the Big John, please join us in the Gravel Metric Beer Garden. You’ll need an ID. Show ID and a punched wristband at the door and get your free beer ticket. Once you’re in, we’ll have beer and food available.

We’re asking for a $12+ donation for food. Axletree is footing the bill for the catering to keep our permits straight, so we’re hoping you’ll help us cover and exceed the costs of the day. Cash is best, again. If you’re interested in more beers, those will be available as well. Donate as you wish for the drinks. (Do not exit the beer garden with alcohol. For the sake of all future Gravel Metrics.)

We’ll hang out until the food and drink run out (which they will) and then we’ll accept any willing hand in the tear down process.

That about wraps it up! Come have fun! and bring cash, if you could be so kind.

If you have any questions, please email



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