Good goods for the common good.

We’re lining up some things to sell at the Gravel Metric and we’d like to know if you want some. Click here to get right to it, or stay on the line for more information.

We worked with some friends in Omaha to come up with some new branding for the Metric this year. It was a fun project.

The main design for the t-shirts comes from some of the research we did into old advertisements in DeKalb. DeKalb is the home of barbed wire, and the apparatus you see here was called “The Rattler”. It was a tool used to tension barbed wire between fenceposts. We thought it was very apropos.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.39.01 AM


We made men’s and women’s t-shirts in lieutenant green. Pre-order here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 3.35.52 PM

As is our custom, we are printing bandana cue sheets. We dig this idea, since no amount of rain, sweat, blood or mud will take the ink off of them. And they are a great memento. We will nor promise to have printed cue sheets, so we recommend ordering one.

2015 bandana

Our generous sponsors, Moots and Clement, contributed towards a run of Purist MoFlo bottles for the event. They will be available for $10ea at the Metric, but you can pre-order them 2 for $15 here. Purist22_f

All of the above goods are being sold to raise money for Axletree, our non-profit dedicated to Events, Advocacy, and Awesome. We have no paid officers and get no perks from the non-profit. All of the funds go to our advocacy and events. This month alone, we have worked with multiple community foundations to provide 20 helmets to the local library and 20 bikes and helmets to people who need them most in DeKalb. We excited to host events like the GM to make these things happen. We appreciate your attendance, but we also greatly appreciate your support in buying our goods and donating at the event.

If you appreciate what we’re doing and want to get all of the goods together, we are offering the AXLETREE LOVE BUNDLE – including a t-shirt, 2 bottles, a bandana and an added donation to Axletree. Thank you in advance for clicking hereGM BUNDLE

Pre-ordering all of these is good for a number of reasons. Four, to be exact:

1. You actually get it, in your size, for sure. This guarantees we don’t run out of the item in your size. This is important. 

2. We will have it ready at the start so you don’t have to wait in a (long) line like a sucker. 

3. We will sleep better knowing we didn’t just order a pile of goods no one wants. 

4. We will share your name in lights (twitter, at least) if you buy a LOVE BUNDLE.

So please, click here and show your support. We are looking forward to it. 



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