Last minute bits to chew on.

Hey everyone.
We’re wrapping up the final details around here and we have a few reminders for you:

1. Please come prepared. We will not have enough water to fill 1200 waterbottles. There are no guaranteed places to refill your bottles on the course, so be prepared to carry 3-4 bottles.

2. We will be getting a police escort out of town leaving NCC at 9am. Please be prepared to roll out with the group. Position yourself appropriately in the corral so as not to be jostling during the neutral rollout. (This generally leads to premature shenanigans). We will be able to roll without stopping all the way to the first bit of gravel. During this neutral leadout, it is absolutely unacceptable to swerve into the oncoming traffic lane in order the jockey for a better position. Stay to the right of the yellow lines. We will have a line of Axletree folks herding the group and watching out. Don’t be the juicebag that gets caught doing this or we’ll put gum in your hair.


3. Once we hit the gravel, we’ll be halting the start until the whole group has made the turn. At that point, we’ll open the course and you can get wild.

4. It looks like we might have a spot of rain on Sunday, so please come prepared for it. Ride safe, have fun, and please stick around for food and drinks even if it’s raining. We’d prefer not to lose our funds for all those meals.

5. We’re very humbled and thankful to have so many people rsvp’d and so many pre-orders for GM goods. Thank you for your support! Please be patient with the volunteers on Sunday – this will be, by far, our biggest gravel event to date and we’re a small crew.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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