Before the long sleep.

We bid you goodnight, friends and followers.

It’s time for us to sleep.

If you scroll down this blog, you’ll see a pattern.

Build up – prep -promote – Gravel Metric – sappy post – sleep.

In our estimation, there are about eight months of the year that folks don’t give a hot hoot about the Gravel Metric. And that’s ok, because you have to live in the now, and the GM is only in the now for a little while each Spring.

It starts in March or so. The trickle of traffic starts to come in via dusty links on the web. We get an occasional email asking why the next GM is on a Tuesday…

And then we get to work. The actual planning of the event gets easier each year, so we tend to be less and less vocal about it as time goes on. The GM becomes more central in the attention of those who enjoy these types of things once the weather starts to change.

On our side of the table, things get real nutty for a few weeks and then, after the big weekend at full capacity, the Gravel Metric comes and goes. We take a shower, say our thank-you’s, and hunker down for the long aestivation.

It's ok, no one knows what aestivation means. Look it up. It's neat. Go ahead, it's ok.

It’s ok, no one knows what aestivation means. Look it up. It’s neat. Go ahead, it’s ok.

Then this, the last post, sits here like a “Do Not Disturb” sign until we wake up again.

And, as we can see by the traffic stats, we’re not disappointing too many people. The week after the event, Google seems to forget we exist.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 3.21.30 PM

So, while we’re asleep, and you’re here, maybe you should consider doing these other events we host, too:

The Night Bison – 55ish miles of gravelish terrain starting at Sundown. Labor Day weekend at NCC.

The Ten Thousand – 125+mi of 10-11,000′ of elevation gain in NW IL.

See you next year?

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