Further Event Details and WAIVERS!

Weather forecast looks like this might be a Gravel Wetric…at least for the days leading up to the event.  We’re getting really excited to share this new and amazing route with you.

If you’re coming, please consider printing off a waiver and bringing it signed–that will speed up your registration:

axletree waiver 052416

Man, we get so excited about waivers.  Waivers are awesome, no?

We’re getting some questions on course layout and road surfaces.  This course has more gravel than any other course we’ve ever done, for any event.  As indicated in the previous post, the B-roads are a bit rougher than normal, and it looks like they might be wet.  If you’re on the fence about bike or tire selection, we’d suggest going more rugged rather than less rugged.

One final note: we will have 2 large tents this year (rather than just 1), and a great site to set up at.  We will also have our standard array of tables, chairs and picnic tables.  If you’d like, please feel free to bring your own camp chairs and such to be cozy.

See you Sunday!

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2 Responses to Further Event Details and WAIVERS!

  1. Rick Pawela says:

    Every Year I get excited not only about the race, but about the waivers. I love those waivers!

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