The Gravel Metric is 68+mi of self-supported mayhem hosted by AXLETREE, a non-profit dedicated to awesome events, bicycle advocacy, and creating a positive cycling community in the DeKalb area.

There is no registration. This is a free event. We do sell goods at the event to raise money for our current and future efforts. We do hope you will support us that way. We sell shirts, bandanas, posters, and bottles. We also have a donation bucket.

After the event, we host a shindig and we hope you’ll stick around for it. Food and drink are available and we have a suggested donation amount if you plan to partake.

The event is made possible by the hard work, creativity, and dedication of AXLETREE and North Central Cyclery.

Our sponsors include MOOTS & Clement. We have a thing for CO and CO has a thing for us.

Ride at your own risk.

Sunday, May 24th. Ride at 9am.

Call North Central Cyclery at 815.758.2403 or email tobie@gravelmetric.com for more details.


15 Responses to About

  1. jason senffner says:

    Is this a race? Sounds cool even if it isn’t…

  2. Bob Garner says:

    Great idea, I used to ride the gravel roads on the army base at Ft Mcoy 20 years ago on a road bike and thought it would make for a great ” Paris/ Roubaix “type race. However; I used to always get pinch flats, but this was before tubless tires.

    What kind of tires does everyone ride? Tubeless cyclocross is what I am thinking.

  3. Kyle Wiberg says:

    Is it May 27th, 2011 or 2012?

  4. Dean Ott says:

    I’m planning on this one. Do I have to do anything special to register or just show up?

  5. Ben says:

    Please disregard & delete my question.

  6. Mike says:

    I understand that the course this year is hard, but would it be feasible to bring a Burley trailer and bring my daughter along? Even if it takes me quite a bit longer?


    • GM MC says:

      It would not be safe for you or your daughter to attempt this.
      There are sections of the course that will not be passable with a Burley.


  7. ninjatalli says:

    Would a roadbike with a tough tire (Gatorskin, Marathon Plus) be good enough for the terrain?

    • TD says:

      We’d recommend a wider tire.
      There are extended sections of rough gravel, rutted fields, mud, dirt, grass, train tracks, and a creek.
      It’s not impossible on a road bike, but it’s not ideal.

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